The source of trust in quality and service, Philip Yide machine will be as in the past adhere to the "quality is life", "customer satisfaction" approach to higher technical field, advance automation engineering field, and make greater contributions to the development of Chinese plastics machinery industry。


In the current domestic manufacturing industry generally faced with the transformation and upgrading of equipment to optimize the opportunity, vertical electric injection molding machine with independent intellectual property rights of the company to devote themselves to the development of high precision manufacturing, solve the customer demand for products, changed the original high precision injection equipment with long-term dependence on imports, is a new annotation of the vertical electric injection molding machine. Vertical electric injection molding machine is widely used in precision electronics, automobile parts, medical industry and other high precision product manufacturing field, and will drive the development of vertical electric injection molding machine industry in China.

Hongyide HT two board upper power series vertical electric injection molding machine began mass production in 2016。 In 2017, the series of orders continued, and has been promoted to the international market, the market will become a new growth point of performance。

Complete specifications, spot supply
Independent research and development, sophisticated equipment
The choice of 1000 enterprises
Worry free, 3 months change


Changzhou hongyad Plastic Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., as one of the manufacturers specializing in middle and high end vertical ejection molding machines, was founded in 1998. The company covers an area of 20 thousand square meters and has the ability to produce 1800 (15T-800T) injection molding machines.
company to new technology, high precision as the starting point, through the introduction and absorption of advanced technology at home and abroad, investment in the establishment of a full set of advanced processing factories, the use of standardization, standardization and refinement of management, the enterprise information management system and SW software, forming a product of advanced technology, perfect production process, manufacturing fast and effective cost control, and has passed the ISO9002 quality system and CE security authentication system. By the end of December 2010, Hong Yide machine users has been all over the country and exported to foreign countries in more than 30 countries. It is famous at home and abroad with all kinds of models, many special models, timely delivery and excellent quality service.


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